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  • Tips on How to Get the Right BIM Partner for Your Project

    Rising demand for Building Information Modeling (BIM) is creating opportunities for various BIM companies. The necessity to build projects that are quick, efficient, sustainable, safe and garner high ROI has made it necessary for owners and general contractors to consider outsourcing BIM projects. With a significant amount of time and money being invested in complex projects, it is crucial to find a Revit and BIM partner that adds substantial value at every phase of the project.

    Whether it is saving overhead costs, or investing in the necessary tools and skillset, owners and general contractors can leverage outsourced BIM expertise to garner holistic Revit and BIM solutions or deliverables for optimized and better project outcomes.

    To select the right BIM partner, certain aspects need to be taken into consideration such as:

    • Consistent market expertise and years of experience
    • Communication and Collaboration processes for previous projects
    • Tools and Technology used for various BIM modeling requirements such as 3D , 4D , 5D, 6D,7D
    • Recognized Industry Standards for BIM implementation
    • Credibility of the AEC firm based on data security, project deadlines, cost-effectiveness, turnover, infrastructure, pricing models etc.

    Finding the right BIM partner may be a challenging task, but working with the right one offers a host of opportunities and benefits for owners, contractors and other project stakeholders.